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If you’ve watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, you probably know that I love helping families, love building homes, love theming kids’ bedrooms, and cry at the drop of a hat.

If you’ve watched Home and Family, you’ve seen my DIY skills and probably have seen me mess up some of my lines – that’s what you get when it’s live TV! So, you probably know the version of me that America knows…the “camera Paige”.

The fine print…I’m a real estate Broker, author, house-flipper, property-owner, tv host, spokesperson for charities; Jill Of All Trades! I’m also the proud business owner of Tuff Chix, Inc, and Tuff Entertainment Group, LLC. (More of the “fine print” is located in the formal bio below.) I go from renovations to red-carpets, many times on the same day…dust off the saw dust, throw on a dress and I’m ready to go! I am a tomboy through and through, but still like to dress in pink.

I have a torrid love affair with homes… Let me explain…

I’ve had a love affair with real estate ever since I was a little girl…going to “open houses” and “model homes” were always my first choice, instead of playing. Where other children played with Barbie dolls, I played with doll HOUSES, making furniture for them, doing “reno’s” on interiors and exteriors, and building new doll houses for my friends.

I’m VERY opinionated, and will stand up for what I believe in…even though it may not seem like it (I just stand up quietly). I’m probably best known for designing crazy kids’ rooms on Extreme, or teaching DIY’s on Home and Family, but I’m more of a “fix-it” chick or “renovation girl” RATHER than a designer. I love design, but I’m more comfortable throwing on a tool belt and getting to work, or judging other people’s work (which I do with my current team, most of the time unwontedly!)

I’m self-taught and believe that we all have the power to renovate, if we are pointed in the right direction…ask my fiancé, Jase! He was an opera singer and has left that world to help me renovate homes! He put down the microphone, picked up a jackhammer, and has never looked back. Well, he didn’t completely leave the singing world, but he added a love of renovating to his talents! I have renovated 30 homes personally (9 with Jase), and over 200 houses on Extreme. I currently own several properties all over the world, and just bought another property to flip in Big Bear, CA, after our last two properties there were just so much darn fun!

I LOVE the hunt for a new property. Being a Real Estate Broker, I get the awesome challenge of finding the perfect home for people…and for our own renovating team (which is just our friends that we beg to help us). I love finding the most challenging projects where I can make the biggest difference…where most people see a dump, we see an opportunity and get to work!

THIS IS MY LIFE…THIS IS WHAT I DO!!! Sometimes it’s scary, and it’s always a gamble. Over the years I’ve lost a lot and gained a lot…At times I’ve felt hopeless (like it’s never going look good), and at times I’ve felt like I can’t lose!

But in the end…




And I’m happy that I now get to share it with you! Hope you enjoy!


Paige Hemmis ( may be an unlikely vision on a construction site, however she is an extremely accomplished and skilled designer, carpenter and homebuilder. Paige is self-taught and is rarely to be found without a tool of some kind in her purse.

This Wisconsin-born, California raised entrepreneur has accomplished many feats and has started many successful companies. During her undergraduate work at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Paige became a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and taught first aid and CPR to student population, and graduated with Bachelor’s Degrees in both Theology and Psychology. In 1999, Paige formed “Simply Elegant Weddings” to help couples plan their special day. In 2001, she founded a real estate company that bought houses, renovated them and developed innovative rent-to-own solutions. In 2004, she sold both companies to pursue her career as co-host, carpenter and designer on the hit ABC television show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In 2004, Paige founded Tuff Chix, Inc., which provides performance work wear for women. In 2006, she released her first book, The Tuff Chix Guide to Easy Home Improvement, to inspire other women to tackle DIY projects with confidence.

Paige is currently featured as a Lifestyle Design Expert on Hallmark’s daily show, Home and Family. She is working to develop TV & Film projects through her production company, Tuff Entertainment Group, and is currently working to expand the Tuff Chix product line. Paige is an extraordinary philanthropist and humanitarian. Both in her entertainment and real life, Ms. Hemmis contributes an exceptional amount of time and lends her celebrity to supporting numerous worthwhile causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Helping a Hero, Heroes at Home, the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and The Innovative Giving Foundation.

Paige is a licensed Real Estate Broker, and continues to design and build a variety of projects, while helping homeowners and business owners all over the world. She owns 14 properties, and is currently flipping properties bringing her total renovation projects to over 30 personally, and over 200 on EM:HE.

Jason Short
Jason Short | Shorty

You want the long version or the “short” version? (Yep , I said it!)But seriously, all you need to know about Jase is this:

He is an awesome guy who left the bright lights of the stage and moved to America to be with his soon-to-be wife and work on houses. He put down the microphone and picked up a hammer and has never looked back! On the inside, Jase is a large Italian opera singer…on the outside, he is a svelte Australian hottie who gets away with a LOT more than he should in his opinionated ways, because it sounds so darn charming with that accent and cheeky smile.

You will either love him or hate him…there’s not much in between. You decide!

And as for singing, Jase is back at it again with his band – ARIA. Go check them out!

Here’s a link to see the boys in action – ARIA Electronic Press Kit

Trevi Sawalich
Trevi Sawalich | Trevs

Trevs is Paige’s bestie, is loveable and gorgeous…and a doctor to boot!

The Doc got her degree in Biomedical Sciences in ’99, her Masters of Public Heath in ’02, and her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine in ’03. That’s one great big smartie-pants! While she’s teaching us what to do in life, what viruses to stay away from, how to be a great mom of two kiddos, and generally taking care of our health…we are attempting to teach her arts and crafts. So far it’s going well!

One’s thing is for sure… When Trevs is around, you will get good advice from a great person as we say, “Give it to me straight Doc!”… And she does.

Scotty Fields
Scott Fields | Bones

Scotty is Jason’s best mate of 25 years from Australia, and a former Ten Tenor himself. What he lacks in home improvement skills (he’s actually really handy, but it sounds better to start a sentence like this), he makes up in tenacity, hard work, and a fantastic sense of humor, while keeping Jason in his place (a hard thing to do).

Scotty currently sings his way around Australia, has the legal right to marry people (and does it well) and often comes over to America to help his best mate in times of need! Scotty and Jase can often be heard belting out a few tunes while swinging the hammer. Some would say they are the singing carpenters!

Scotty also helped create ARIA, and sounds so darn good with Jase and the boys.

Check out these two best mates singing up a storm – ARIA Electronic Press Kit.

Ameka Benton
Ameka Benton | Meeks

Ameka is an Aussie babe born and bred chasing endless summers.

A lifestyle blogger, DIY Enthusiast, and self-confessed shoe addict, Meeks is my P.I.C and right-hand go-to-gal for fashion, fun & fitness. Whether she is here on American soil or in her home land down under, Meeks is always up for a new challenge… which is good, because we find new one’s every day!

She’s gorgeous, but not afraid to get dirty and learn new things (even if she makes mistakes). With her contagious and compassionate personality, Meeks is on a mission to motivate, inspire and encourage everyone around her to CREATE a beautiful life and fall head over heels in love with it!

Isn’t she sweet!

Alejandro Felipe Ramirez
Alejandro Felipe Ramirez | Zandy

Zandy is our bi-lingual friend, design assistant and aspiring interior designer, with a sense of humor that sneaks up on us and usually gets us in trouble.

His hysterical one-liners keep the mood light while we all work our asses off. He is truly one of the hardest workers we know, and we love having him as a part of our team.

We couldn’t do it without him!

Jaime Britz-Herst
Jaime Britz-Herst | Jaimers

Jaimers is my cousin and one of my best friends.

Although Jaime lives in a small town outside of Chicago with her hubby and two children, me and Jaime are inseparable at heart. Jaime was on the road with me for the first 5 seasons of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and left that crazy life to start a family.

She is a make-up artist, hair stylist, and all-around crafty bee-och. She can do your hair and make-up, bake you a pig in a blanket, all while planning your child’s birthday party as she is barefoot water skiing.

Yep, she’s THAT awesome.

Michelle Quaranta
Michelle Quaranta| MQ

LA-based Hair and Makeup Artist and my dear friend, Michelle Q, has gone from a little Jersey girl infatuated with her mother’s Mary Kay kits to a beauty industry name!

Her work is featured recently on Cody Simpson’s Music Video, E! Show Botched, Vanderpump Rules, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (where we first met), Tanning America, The Beverly Hills Nannies, Fuji Film, Facebook Popup Project, Malibu C Products, TYR Apparel, Maya Swimwear and many, many more.

If you’ve seen ANY of her work, you will agree that MQ is a miracle worker! Her work ethic is stellar, her smile is contagious…but watch out… she’s not afraid to reach into those Jersey roots and put you in your place!

You can take the girl outta Jersey, but can’t take the Jersey outta the girl!